When Energy saves lives

One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is to have the concrete proof that our systems, once installed, are able to realistically improve people's quality of life.

This always happens in developing countries where, in remote areas far from the national electricity grid, there is a great difficulty in feeding not only homes but also hospitals and health facilities.


These structures, due to the machinery used (x-ray machines or magnetic resonances), have much more important energy needs than a normal home supported by a standard off-grid system (ie an independent energy production system disconnected from the grid).

A CT (computerized tomography) for example, during an exam of about 15 minutes, has two phases (that lasts 2 minutes each) in which there is a strong peak of about 50-60kW in the absorption of the machine.

This peak corresponds to the two fundamental phases of the examination which are the two axial scans, it's evident that an incorrectly sized system would lead to the block of this machine. 

A system sized only on the average continuous consumption, which is much lower than the cue that is required, would not be able to support the load.

Energia assorbita macchina raggi x

The importance of a constant energy service in a hospital is therefore evident because being able to use a specific machine 24h / 24 without power interruptions from the grid has a strong repercussion on the life of people and on the safety that a hospital must be able to guarantee to their patients.


For this reason, in the plant we built for AMIS pour la Sante Communautaire in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the reliability component took precedence over all the various aspects analyzed.

One of the factors that surely made the difference is the use of high quality Studer Innotec products which, coupled with our preassembled and prewired FGS wall mounted systems, guaranteed a constant energy yield and, not insignificantly, the lowering of the costs of installation and maintenance.


The system in question is composed (as shown in the figure) of 6 Studer XTH 8000-48 inverters positioned on our FGS wall mounted systems and prewired, 10 Studer VS70 charge controllers also positioned on 4 additional FGS wall mounted systems, an RCC display for local control and remote and a storage system composed of AGM batteries combined with a DC distribution.

Schema Congo

To guarantee further safety to our customers we have installed a remote control system (via Studer's X-LAN) that allows remote monitoring of the progress of the system and the presence of any alarms or problems in the operation, so as to be able to promptly intervene in case of technical problems even from our offices.


To conclude, here there is a significant quote from the staff of AMIS pour la Sante Communautaire:


"We find ourselves ignorant and we are surprised when we read in the newspapers articles on the poverty of Africa, but then we turn the page and forget it. It always happens that when one does good, good radiates and produces something else, in deeds and thoughts, and expands, involving the lives of many, modifying them in depth. "