Basics of the Inverter/Generator coupling and the "Start and Stop" function with Victron Energy products

Basics of programming the inverter and the functions related to the generator on VE configure:

The power coming from a generator is usually more variable than the power coming from the network, the Inverters are very sensitive to this type of behavior and if the input power doesn't meet certain requirements, the Inverter doesn't accept the input power and it doesn't synchronize.

The inverter-generator coupling therefore requires some precautions:


The first choice to face is the purchase of a suitable generator, there are many generators on the market but not everyone are particularly suitable to "talk" with a Victron inverter.

It's always better however for this kind of applications to choose a generator with AVR control (auto voltage regulation) that, unlike generators with an internal inverter which operate independently of the load as they are electronically controlled and not mechanically, generators with AVR stop working if the load becomes excessive.


How to size the generator?

It depends on the inverter you own, Victron recommends these inverters for different generation powers:


It's important to note that, once the inverter is installed, the synchronization phase can last a few minutes and therefore the coupling will not be instantaneous.