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We are not just a simple online shop!

We are not a materials retailer!


We are the No.1 specialists in Off Grid systems in Italy from Renewable Sources.


We can design, produce, supply and install the best Off-Grid systems for you.

All the FGS STORAGE systems produced by us, are already designed, assembled, configured and sized correctly, according to all customer specifications.


We can build your system using renewable energy sources that, according ot your preferences, will be more convenient.

We realize photovoltaic, micro hydroelectric and eolic power plants and we can also combine sources to ensure greater autonomy with the system, with our expertise.













With the experience of many projects already realized in the world's Off-Grid system, FGS Energie Altenative offers a complete range of products and services, counting on a twenty-year experience and a specialization in Off-Grid systems.

In the new FGS Price List you will find a wide range of products and components for off-grid photovoltaic systems at the most competitive market conditions, also to facilitate the installer's work, FGS produces complete systems, assembled, already wired on a wall plate and configured.

FGS provides complete assistance in every project step, from the technical development of the project to the production and supply of the highest quality components to guarantee operating systems for decades.

Photovoltaic Modules::We use Photovoltaic modules (Polycrystalline, monocrystalline or amorphous) produced by the main Italian and European producers, generally the most used for off-grid systems are the standard 250watt Polycrystalline modules.

Solar Batteries :We use different type of Solar Batteries and we only process products that we know well and that allow exceptional performance and a long life span.

FGS Storage: Off-Grid / hybrid storage system produced by FGS are completely made in Italy, already assembled, configured and wired on a wall plate.
We use pure sine wave inverters of the world's leading manufacturers, from 500Watt to over 100kWp

Charge regulators in our systems are both pwm and mppt and they guarantee maximum efficiency with any photovoltaic module


Off-grid photovoltaic systems are always built in order to have electricity in areas not supplied by the national grid.
In many parts of the world, particularly in Africa, there is a great need for energy.
FGS Energie Alternative has designed, developed off-grid photovoltaic systems for thousands of African centers such as children's homes, hospitals, rural centers.