Solar plant for new pediatric outpatient center in Bissau (Guinea)

Guinea Bissau has a global population of 1.7 million inhabitants, of which 500,000 are concentrated in its capital Bissau. 39.5% of the population is in an age group from 0-14 years, 20% between 15-24 years, with a life expectancy at birth of 49.5 years. In the ranking of the so-called Human Development Index (HDI), it is at 164th out of 169 countries, with a child mortality rate of 12% (in rural areas up to 18%) corresponding to the fourth-last place in the world ranking (in CH = 4 / 1000). The HIV seropositivity rate of the adult population is 10-15%, 7.9% in pregnant women.

Off-Grid for Trout Farming

The Challenge

The challenge in this particular application was to guarantee a 24h / 24 power supply to a mobile system for distributing the feed in a trout farm. The system, which can be moved using motorized trolleys, had to be fully functional in all weather conditions. The system also needed to be as reliable as possible to avoid holes in production.


System Components


The Solution

When Energy saves lives

One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is to have the concrete proof that our systems, once installed, are able to realistically improve people's quality of life.

This always happens in developing countries where, in remote areas far from the national electricity grid, there is a great difficulty in feeding not only homes but also hospitals and health facilities.


Not only from the sun, it is also possible to generate useful energy with a bit of ... water!

Not only from the sun, it is also possible to generate useful energy with a bit of ... water! In alpine shelters, it is often necessary to build facilities dedicated to the needs of the building, such as the flowing water system from a source consisting of a socket, sedimentation ... Basically, you already have an energy plant available to exploit! In fact, our micro-turbines can work in the same system, producing energy continuously that is precious in an alpine shelter. In fact, unlike solar, turbines, even if small, can produce for 24 consecutive hours, making a great help to consumption and batteries. In these photos, the CAI shelter in Sonvico has integrated a microturbine to our water system that produces about 100 watts and then through batteries get to have 2.4kWh per day more energy to power lights, refrigerators and have a self-sufficiency both with nice that the bad weather!

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How do we make a shelter at an altitude of almost 4000 meters independent?

How do we make a shelter at an altitude of almost 4000 meters independent? With the project, the right products and people!
The difficulties of realizing the right system in these cases are not only sizing but also logistics; bringing material to these sites has a considerable cost due to the use of helicopters. We have therefore provided a FGS Storage system, an island system with 15kW photovoltaic, completely pre-assembled and modular, which allowed the installer to quickly set up the entire system in a dedicated container in a couple of days!

Even in August ...

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...we don't stop! Here there are "some" systems with STUDER INNOTEC photovoltaic controllers ready to leave for Algeria.

We are always particularly enthusiastic when the customer demands quality and personalization, and with Studer Innotec, knowing for years every secret of programming, we can achieve what the customer wants.

Here, a particular load control is managed, keeping a system redundancy for operational safety, when no black-outs are allowed.