Here's how we build your FGS Storage systems. Today Leaving for Tanzania, Trento, Campania ...

At FGS Alternative Energies we are keen to put our name on the work that will become your energy system.

This is because we know that every customer has his own personal challenges, and FGS Energie Alternative likes to be next to the customer to achieve the desired energy goals.

Customization: is what FGS Energie Alternative srl allows to do with your system.

This is also thanks to their modularity, which makes it possible to expand them, both in the design phase or later.

We can therefore help you, both if you are a refuge on the mountains of Trentino, a farm in Salerno or a house in the Tanzanian savannah,

and both if you need a small house from a few kilowatts or an entire village, if you use alternative solar energy or hydroelectric energy or combining them, if you never have the electric network or

if this is present but unstable, or if you have fuel-bearing generators, or even fuel cells, we are here to help.

campo rifugio tanzania field


How do we realize our FGS Storage systems?

First of all, listening carefully to the needs of the customer, we collect information useful to understand the constraints and possibilities. So thanks to several tools, such as our internal software that we have specifically created called the "REC" (we will talk about it soon) we proceed to the sizing of your system, and to understand what's to best use of the various sources of energy.

The REC. Page of profiling loads and management of energy resources.

REC profilo carichi REC risorsa solare

Then, having identified the size of the system and the necessary components, we proceed to a graphic simulation, in particular for the larger and more complex systems, so as to make the customer perceive exactly the product that will be purchased.

Example: 90kW system with 40kW of photovoltaic with Victron inverter, 15kW Wind and 140kWh of LiFePo4 lithium accumulation with control panel PLC generating generators of 60kW diesel generators, for a small island.

FGS Storage Inverter vano 2


Example: FGS Storage system for a 16kW alpine shelter with a Studer Innotec inverter with a 6kW mini pelton hydroelectric turbine model MT05 and a 48kWh battery pack with a stationary OPzS lead.

piastra turbina pelton e batterie opzs sketchup


Once the system configuration has been approved, we proceed to assembly, programming and testing the system in our laboratory.

These phases are very important to guarantee the quality of the final product and the service we provide: we need your instructions to plan and configure the system to the best, so as to ensure, for example, maximum battery life and fewer service disruptions possible and to be able to provide a system directly ready for use.

Systems tested for Eritrea destination.

 IMG 20170711 141406 R

... and in the end all that remains is to prepare all the packaging and pallets needed for shipping, which is near or far, which starts on rubber wheels, on containers or on wings!


Curiosity: the panels of the FGS Storage systems have been sized so that they can be easily transported on standard pallets, so as to get the product as it came out of our laboratory.


FGS storage system installation 5kW with photovoltaic shelter in Trentino.

 Foto 16 07 18 08 53 32