We are the team that, listening to the true needs of customers with balance and participation, use our expertise and creativity to ensure responsible solutions using renewable energy based systems that are safe and durable over time and that improve the quality of life of people.


In a market where companies tends to enstablish a price war, where companies are the exact copy of each other, where they sell all the same identical products and where they all do "everything", taking any job even if they do not have the skills to do it ... we are the ONLY company able to offer you a complete service of excellence, thanks to our specialization and experience in Off-Grid systems for over 20 years.

We will take care in designing, producing and realizing the best Off-Grid system for you.

All the FGS STORAGE systems produced by us are already designed, assembled,configured and sized correctly for a plug and play use..

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Technician, Research and Development Manager


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Founder, Sell Manager


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Administration and Logistics


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Energy Engineer - Technical and Commercial Assistance


FGS Alternative Energies, established in 1996, immediately became a leading producer and distributor of photovoltaic systems, qualifying and specializing in the sale of off-grid systems (all those plants where there is no network connection).

A pioneer in the Renewable Energy sector in the 1990s little known, FGS Energie Alternative begins a path that will lead the company to develop and acquire excellent technical experience, focusing on off-grid island and storage photovoltaic systems.

Currently FGS Energie Alternative is a supplier and point of reference in Italy for Off-Grid photovoltaic systems, with hundreds of references for plants in Eritrea, Congo, Guinea, Morocco, Egypt, Madagascar, Costa Ivory and of course also in Italy industrial sites, remote alpine areas (CAI), log cabins and much more ...